Being able to travel is an incredible privilege whose worth can’t be estimated. It is part of life, for some might happen rarely, for others it almost becomes routine. There are so many ways we can get to a destination: by plane, by bus, by train, by boat (maybe a cruise 😉). It is about connecting, not necessarily with others, but with the country we visit and with this planet overall. It doesn’t matter if you’re going solo or with a group, if you want you can always meet someone and create lifetime memories. But even if you’re just exploring you’ll realize that something within yourself is changing, because you gave yourself the chance to see differently, to smell new odors, to experience a new climate, to eat exotic foods, to listen to a melodic language.
Traveling is an investment on yourself. Maybe you’ll spend 24 hours on a plane/airport, well that time didn’t go to waste. Enjoy every second of it. Maybe you’ll experience extreme jet-lagging, up to the point that you don’t even remember your name. Feel it. Maybe you’ll get nostalgic. Hopefully you’ll have a thousand memories to go back to. For as obvious as cliche as it might sound, life IS a journey. Cliches always hide some sort of truth. It is up to us to choose. Of course many factors are involved in this process. First two to come to my mind are time and money. Cheap traveling options are not so hard to find nowadays so my advice is to make time first, which is not easy as well. This is what makes me realize that it really is a privilege. Therefore do not waste any seconds complaining or looking back. In order to experience you must go forward, move on, cherish every moment.
It might look like a sugar coated article, probably because that’s what it is. This is the way I feel about traveling and I hope you do too. x

Photo by Giulia Martini


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