Around Christmas I had the opportunity to spend 4 days in London with my bestie Giulia. This is pretty much a recap of what we did.


LEON: fast food made healthy, you can have porridge, hummus, salads, heathy wraps, beverages and much more in literally seconds. If you’ve a couple of hours to spend I recommend you order a nice meal, connect to the WiFi and relax.

DUCK&WAFFLE: situated at the 38th floor of a skyscraper it offers a breathtaking view of London, if you go there early in the morning or late at night (it’s open 24/7) it’s even better. You will be able to see the whole city enlightened in the dark. It’s on the pricey side (but not too much), on their website you’ll be able to have a look at their menus and prices and book your spot.

WOMBATS HOSTEL: Giulia and I shared a room with 4 other girls. I chose it because of its incredible reviews on Hostelworld. Also I had an amazing time at the Wombats Hostel in Munich a couple of years ago. The Hostel has a bar where you can also play pools, watch sports on a big screen or play table tennis. At the reception there are laptops available and you can even print tickets, documents etc.
They also have a kitchen where you can store and cook your own food. Our room was really big and clean, as well as the bathroom.

PLACES TO VISIT:                                                                                                                        SCIENCE MUSEUM: we had a really fun experience there, it is interactive so suitable for kids. It makes learning Science entertaining and easy. You can make a donation (but you don’t have to…so it’s basically free).


SKYGARDEN: a garden/bar at the top of a skyscraper, completely free you can book your spot online or go there after 6pm, which is in my opinion the best option. This way you can avoid the long queue and see London when it’s already dark…simply stunning.


GARDEN LODGE-FREDDIE MERCURY’S STUDIO: if you’re a big Queen fan (I am), Freddie’s house/studio it’s a place you don’t want to miss out. You can’t visit the inside but you can leave a letter or a drawing at the door or just celebrate a wonderful and talented man. Freddie we miss you!

HARRODS: well if it’s raining and you have a couple hours to spend – and if you’re lucky some money too- Harrods it’s perfect for you. You can find all sorts of things: from games to technology, from fashion to house furniture.


BRITISH MUSEUM: a visit in order to fill up the ‘culture tank’. It can appear quite overwhelming, there are so many sections and cultures to explore that it’s hard to see everything. Travel from prehistoric to modern times and visit the whole world.

SOUTHBANK CENTRE: definitely my favorite part, we got to see the Christmas market and so many artists performing on the street, skaters having fun and providing free entertainment. The atmosphere there is just magical and the scenery is beautiful. You can get great pictures of the Big Ben or jump on the London eye. For sure the most vibrant and energetic part of the city I was able to see.

CHINATOWN: a neighborhood to explore the Chinese culture. There wasn’t much going on when I was there, but I recommend you go there during the Chinese New Year, I bet that’s spectacular!

HYDE PARK: ideal to get some fresh air, exercise and look at the supercute squirrels and swans.

SIGHTSEEING: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey etc.


Unfortunately we weren’t able to book the Warner Bros. studio tour, but if you can definitely write that on your list!

There is so much more to do and see in London. It’s a truly vibrant city, always in movement and constantly in a hurry! I hope I can go back soon! X

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