Last Summer I visited Finland and Sweden. I went with my sister, who studied there for a couple of months. We decided to fly from Venice and since it is quite far from where we live, we got there the night before. We spent the night at ‘Camping Rialto’, slightly out of the city. It is a very nice place with cute bungalows-The Parent Trap-style. From the camping we got to Venice by bus in order to explore the city. Even though it was mid-August I suggest you bring sleeping bags, it gets crazily cold in the bungalows at night! Obviously we didn’t have any…winning at life😎

The morning after we boarded on our flight. We flew with Finnair. The flight was very calm and I think I slept as always. The plane was full of blond people ahahah I know it’s stereotypical…but it’s true! Anyways this was an irrelevant detail. But I have a funny story for y’all: one of the passengers, a woman originally from Finland, used to have an Italian boyfriend. So she is fluent in Italian and she started talking about this guy, while her husband -oblivious to all because he clearly doesn’t speak Italian-was sitting next to her, peacefully reading a magazine. She is also friend with this Italian guy on Facebook, and she was on the plane to get back home after a holiday in Italy. Enough with my innuendos, sorry about this but flight gossip is the best gossip😉

We got to Helsinki and we forgot to get cash at the airport, big mistake. We arrived to our hostel which was more like a shack, worst hostel ever to be honest. This creepy place, Bates Motel-style,  also happened to be far from the city center, so to get there we needed to take the bus. BUS=CASH=we didn’t have any😭. After a long plea to the bus driver we managed to get a free ride. Now, because of the cold I got the night before I was quite sick when we stayed in Helsinki, so I didn’t really film much and I didn’t enjoy myself fully…such a pity! Anyhow here is a list of things to and places to visit in Helsinki:

-SENAATINTORI-SENATE SQUARE where you can admire the beautiful Helsinki Cathedral


Lulù in front of the Cathedral

-OLD MARKET HALL: I love markets, they are the perfect place to explore the local culture. This one was quite nice, not the best one I’ve visited though.


They eat bears and elks

-ATENEUM ART MUSEUM where we saw an Alice Neel’s exhibition, there was also an interactive part were you could draw the person who was sitting before you.


My drawing of Lulù


Esanjalainen PerheSpanish Family by Alice Neel

-USPENSKI CATHEDRAL: really nice colors, I’ve probably taken the least flattering photo of it…


Uspenski Cathedral

-PARK: I don’t know the name of this park but we saw the finish line of the Helsinki marathon there. If you don’t like running this park also has a couple of machines to do some exercise.


Run Forrest, run!


Lake in the park!


-CAFFé DAJA-DEUTSCHE KAFFEEKULTUR: I highly recommend it to have a nice brunch or brekkie, following the German tradition (buffet-all you can eat). It is in fact a German cafe that serves typical German food. The owner-or the man who I believe is the owner-was very friendly. As far as I’ve seen he either speaks English or German, I thought that the fact that he doesn’t speak Finnish but lives in Finland was very interesting. I don’t have any photos since we got there after running crazily in the rain with four heavy suitcases, so we were tired. But you can find pics and more info on Google!

-SIS DELI+CAFE: now, this place was pretty cool. It gets crowded quite easily since it’s really small, so go there as early as possible. We got an amazing brunch, but I have to say that their Chai latte was a failure, at least for me. My sister loved it, so she drank mine to. It was way too spicy. The rest was awesome, once again buffet-all you can eat.


Porridge, granola, croissants etc.

So peeps this is it for the first half of my time in Finland. Hope you liked this article and stay tuned for the next one!

See ya later! X



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