Where were we? So as I said I was a little bit sick during my first days in Finland, for this reason we decided to go from Helsinki to Turku one day earlier than scheduled. We were supposed to arrive in Turku a few hours before our ship left, instead we got there the day before, after having booked bus tickets and a hotel room online. We got to the bus station in Helsinki 20 minutes before the departure, just to be safe. We started looking for signs that would tell us where to go to get to the bus. It was total chaos. No signs nor big screens with any useful indications. I started asking people and they gave us some directions. Looking back it was supersilly but in that moment it was impossible to find our bus. The clock was running. We had been looking everywhere and we only had less than two minutes left. Luckily my sister saw something and we ran down to the bus, exactly when it was about to leave. Two hours and forty minutes later we arrived in Turku. We found our hotel, the entrance looked more like a secondary door than a normal reception. There was no one inside, just a phone and a keyboard. The reason the hotel was such a great deal was that it had no staff. We weren’t aware of that when we booked it, and it definitely surprised us. Nonetheless our room was spacious, clean and with a big bathroom and a TV. We went out and explored Turku that afternoon and, even though at the beginning I was getting bad vibes from the city for some reason ๐Ÿ˜…, I then came to the conclusion that I really liked it. I probably prefer it to Helsinki. The morning after we took the train to get to the harbor to jump on our ship to Sweden!!!๐Ÿ˜Š




Walking around

Thanks for reading! See ya later! X


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