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This post is linked to Finland Part 1 & 2, since I visited both countries during the same holiday. As I said in the previous article my sister and I left Turku on a ship to go to Stockholm. We managed to book our own cabin for a really cheap price. It had two foldable beds, a small restroom with a shower and a vanity. We stayed in there for a while, just to relax. For the rest of the time we explored the ship, I think the whole journey took more than 10 hours, but they literally flew by. The ship offered many services (restaurants, big screens to watch sports, smoking room, arcade machines etc.). The funniest thing about it was observing a drunk woman, who was watching the Olympic Games. She was absolutely hilarious. One thing to remember is that Finland and  Sweden are in different time zones, which we forgot and so we got ready to disembark an hour earlier, typical. The skyline of Stockholm that we saw once we arrived was breathtaking!20160815_191851

We were very close to this vegetarian restaurant we wanted to try. Well they weren’t too happy to see two tourists, let’s put it this way. Anyways below you can find some recommendations on where to sleep, eat and what to see:

GENERATOR HOSTEL: cozy, affordable, clean and with everything you might need. The rooms are actually quite spacious. We were in a mixed room of six.


The only photo I have from the Generator

CAFè SCHWEIZER: you can even leave a message on the walls of this adorable cafè, we went in to drink a chai latte and, holy guacamole, they had David Rio’s Chai!!! It’s my favorite brand and I had it for the first time when I was in Budapest. It’s delicious! Mango is my favorite flavor.


David Rio’s Mango Chai and a kanelbullar

SöDERMALM AREA: this area is very artsy, ideal for young hipsters😎 with plenty of second hand shops with the cutest clothes!

TANTOLUNDEN: this is a great park, I love open spaces and being outdoor and this was definitely one of my favorite spots.

GAMLA STAN (the OLD TOWN): there are plenty of museums, shops, restaurants.

The next article will be the last one dedicated to this adventure, it will cover my time in Falun.

See ya later!x


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