Our second destination in Sweden was Falun, that we reached by train. By the way we got to sit in the quiet zone, which is awesome if you want to read, sleep or do whatever without being disturbed. It is a pretty small town, with slightly over 36000 inhabitants. This place is where my sister studied for a couple of months on an Erasmus program, at the Dalarna University. Since she was going to spend an extended period of time there we had a room in a student accommodation. It was actually a studio: bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom. It all sounds pretty comfortable so far. Well, we got in the room and…surprise-surprise…no bed!!! What a pleasant discovery! At that point it was too late to go to IKEA (how Swedish is that?😄), which is in a different town, so we arranged our stuff so that we could sleep on the floor. Let me tell you, it was the end of August-start of September, but it gets pretty cold in Sweden at night. I woke up at 4am shivering, so I started doing some squats, lounges etc. to warm myself up but it didn’t quite work. I decided to take a warm shower instead. To be fair the absence of a bed was specified in the contract, my sister didn’t read it carefully enough.


Camping in great style on the floor

Needless to say that the morning after we ran to the closest IKEA, in Borlänge, where we also got a great buffet brunch for a really low price.


Drinking an unknown beverage pretending it’s wine


Becoming friends with the Swedish wildlife

We bought all of the kitchen utensils, a bedding set and a mattress. Spoiler alert: No bed frame for us #studentsonabudgetevenikeaistoomuch.


A bed and a dining set!!!

Honestly though it was awesome! I didn’t mean to complain since this is not that bad of a situation at all. But these are definitely memories and moments I will remember forever, I guess that’s the silver lining of the story. Let’s talk about things to do in Falun:

-VISIT THE DALARNAS MUSEUM where you can learn more about the culture and heritage of the whole County/Region.


A cute map


Yep, you can do this there too! Neo+Madonna


Pure LOVE❤️


What you see on the wall are actual scribbles on paper


Yep, told ya!

-WALK AROUND IN THE GREEN SPACES: Falun has quite a few walking trails in a breathtaking scenery so take advantage of that!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

-MAGASINET: there are always events and exhibitions hosted in this location. We saw a Photo exhibition dedicated to the refugees.


-LUGNET is a sport complex where people can swim, dance, play tennis, football, practice athletics, ski and ski jump. They often host famous competitions as well.

So this is pretty much what I did in Falun! This is a video that sums up my time in Finland and Sweden. I might edit a longer version but I’m not sure yet. My voice is kind of weird in the video, I don’t know why…😂

I hope you enjoyed this post and video! See ya later! X


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