Hi everyone!!! Sorry for not posting much these days. I had some stuff going on, so I didn’t have time/motivation to write. Hopefully I’ll learn to be more consistent. I actually have a pretty big project in mind that will require some time, but if it works out it will be pretty cool.

Without further due let’s get into today’s topic: a mini-vacation! I’d love to go somewhere but I don’t want to spend too much money on it. Moreover I’ve always wanted to go to another country for just one day. I just like the idea, the freedom that comes with it. One quick sweet day abroad. The main reason why I love Europe is all of the connections and possibilities that we have. So, a few months ago I got an email from a train company promoting their low train fares. The prices were unbelievable, needless to say all of those offers expired. There are still some pretty decent bus deals though. I was thinking about going to Vienna, traveling over night. I could get a bus from Bologna that leaves at around 7pm and gets to Innsbruck and from there one to Vienna, with arrival scheduled for 09.15am. Or a direct bus from Italy which would get to Vienna at 04.40am. Pretty early, right? I must say though that I love waking up before sunrise, it’s so magical! The former option would cost me 42 euros and the latter 52.

Once I get to Vienna there’s plenty of stuff to do! (I’ve already been to Vienna and it was beautiful, clean and peaceful-but I don’t remember it very well so it’ll be nice to refresh my memory!)

BAWAG CONTEMPORARY: I read on the Internet about this Art Gallery but apparently it closed down, I thought I would mention it anyway since it hosted nice exhibitions. I guess the fact that I’m writing it here is quite useless though…😬

NASCHMARKT: it is a popular flea market which goes on from 09am to 07.30pm(05pm on Saturdays), except for Sundays. I’ve read that it embodies Vienna’s soul☺️

RINGSTRASSE: a series of streets that surround the city center, it’s an area full of famous buildings e.g. the Parliament, the University, the Natural History Museum etc.

PRATER: it is a large public park, which houses an amusement park with the famous panoramic wheel. Overall it’s a beautiful landscape.

DONAUINSEL: it can be translated to Danube Island, there’s a nice beach and also a nudist beach to live the ‘en plein air’ experience to its fullest.

MUSEUMSQUARTIERS: where obviously most museums are allocated.

All in all I should spend around 100 euros for transport (from and back to Italy, without counting the money to get to/come back from Bologna) and 20 max for a couple of meals. I am not fully convinced of the value of the overall experience, since it would be more than a 100 euros for just a few hours in Vienna. Hopefully I’ll come around, I haven’t really discussed it with my travel buddies either, so that’s another thing to keep in mind😅

If you have any recommendation please leave a comment below, thank you so much for reading my blog!

See ya later! X


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